10 Questions to Help You Find Your Perfect Wedding Photographer

Planning a wedding is such an exciting time, and choosing the right photographer is super important. So, here are some questions you should definitely ask your wedding photographer:

1. Can I see your portfolio? It's essential to review their previous work to see if their style matches your vision.

2. What is your experience with wedding photography? You want to make sure they have the expertise to capture all those precious moments.

3. Do you have backup equipment? It's always good to know they're prepared for any technical issues that might arise.

4. How do you handle different lighting conditions? Weddings can have various lighting situations, so it's good to know they can adapt.

5. What's your approach to capturing candid moments? Candid shots can be some of the most memorable, so make sure they're skilled in capturing those special moments.

6. How many hours of coverage do you provide? You'll want to ensure they can cover the entire event or if additional hours are available.

7. What's your editing process? Understanding how they enhance and edit your photos will give you an idea of the final product.

8. What's your turnaround time for delivering the photos? It's always exciting to see the final results, so knowing when you can expect them is important.

9. Do you offer different packages? It's good to explore their pricing options and see what fits within your budget.

10. Can you provide references from past clients? Hearing about others' experiences can give you confidence in your decision.

Bonus: Many photographers have specific things that they do that are unique, make sure you ask about those things and have them explain why they choose to do things that way.

Remember, these are just starting points, and feel free to ask any additional questions that are important to you as a couple and as a family!


Planning a wedding is tedious enough, if you have to dig for more than a few minutes to find most of this info with other photographers, and are tired of it, well I don't blame you and you've found the right place. I try and have all this information accessible on my website at all times for potential and current clients to easily access, including comprehensive pricing!