What’s the deal with free wedding photography you ask? Well, since many of my wedding clients are also in the market for a home (either before, at the same time, or soon after their wedding) I have “merged” my two businesses for my clients.

In addition to being the owner and head photographer of The Summit Photography, I am also a licensed real estate broker in Colorado. I run The Atwood Group | JPAR Modern Real Estate, based in Arvada, CO and work with clients throughout the metro area, helping them find their dream home, always with the lowest fees!

If you contract with me to buy a house within one year, either before or after your scheduled wedding date, I will shoot your wedding for free!

So what’s the catch you ask? Well, frankly there isn’t one. However, I will include some details/FAQ below, so you have all the info…

The Steps:

1. Clients must specify at the time of booking that they intend to use me as their real estate agent.

2. The free wedding applies if my clients contract with me to purchase or sell a home within one year (365 days) before their wedding date, or one year (365 days) after their wedding date.

3. If my clients buy a house with me BEFORE their scheduled wedding date, no fees will be collected for their future wedding (except any client picked add ons stated below).

4. If my clients buy a house with me AFTER their scheduled wedding date, I collect my wedding fees per usual (in case my clients end up deciding to not buy a home), and then upon closing their home with me as their broker, I return the wedding fee back to my clients in the form of a check (except any client picked add ons stated below).


1. Does the free wedding include any options, add ons, or extra images?

– No, the free wedding would be my entry option at the time you book. If you decide you want any extra add ons (like extra hours, second photographer, distance), or any extra images, etc… you can pay for those separately, but they are not included as part of the free wedding.

2. What if you live out of state?

– In this case I can recommend a broker in another state for you, but I cannot honor this deal as my real estate brokers license is only valid in CO.

3. What if you are needing to sell your house before you buy one?

– I have the lowest broker listing fees you’ll find (usually only 1%) so we can take care of that for you, plus everything else still applies.

5. What if you aren’t looking to buy or sell, but someone close to you is?

– In this case reach out to me and we can discuss all the options.

Disclaimer – this is not an exhaustive list of questions/answers and I have the right to change the above details as I deem necessary without notice. All details are negotiable. Please contact me so we can talk about your specific situation!